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2 December 1983
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So, yeah, I figured it was about time to change my bio. Here goes: I am Joyce, 25, from the Netherlands. I have recently graduated from American Studies and can now call myself MA. So now I am working on my second Masters in English Literature which I will finish next year.I live and study in Nijmegen and although I love my new apartment, Limburg will always be my fave part of the Netherlands. Limburg is the province where I was born and raised.

I have one sister whom I adore. She is the sweetest little sister ever and I cannot say no to her. She has me wrapped around her little finger but most of the time I do not mind. I also have a best friend called Tammy she lives in Nijmegen as well. We always have a blast together so we see each other at least twice a week.

I love watching and discussing movies. I have plenty of favorite tv shows including Supernatural, CSI, House, Criminal Minds and more. I also love to read fan fiction, mostly slash, and spend way toooo much time behind a computer. I have also tried my hand at writing some slash but I have not yet dared to enter the Supernatural fandom as a writer. But who knows, that might change.

As of some time ago, I have also found a new obsession in the form of Doctor Who and Torchwood. I have made friends in the fandom and am completely obsessed. I won't go in to much details or I'll be writing way too much. Also recently rediscovered Star Trek, both new and old. A friend also got me hooked on Chuck which is absolutely awesome!

That's it, I suppose!
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